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Are you a new, inexperienced guinea pig owner who is clueless when it comes to caring for your new critters?

That’s about to change because in this easy-to-read guinea pig owner’s guidebook, Lucy Meadway aka Little Critter Lucy, provides everything you need to make guinea pig ownership easy, enjoyable and stress-free.

In this book you’ll discover:

– How to create a fun and simple set up without wasting money on pointless and dangerous items. You’ll also get a critter care-plan that fits in with your lifestyle.

– How to ‘squeak’ guinea pig and discover the secret to turning your skittish, scared piggies into tame, confident critters you’re easily able to handle.

– How to potty train your guinea pigs, so you cut cleaning time in half.

– How to prevent and spot illnesses quickly in order to help them live a long and happy life as part of your family.

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Do you have a new guinea pig?

Or a shy rabbit or hamster who you’d love to be able to handle more?

I’m Lucy, and I have years of experience of turning the most ferocious hamsters and skittish of guinea pigs and rabbits into confident critters.

I share my top 5 taming tips with short videos daily that you can put into practise right away – all for FREE!


Do you struggle to keep on top of the smell despite cleaning out your small pets regularly?

Wish you could make clean outs quicker so you have more time to spend cuddling your pets instead?

After years struggling with this myself, I finally cracked the trick to getting the messiest of guinea pigs to mess only in the areas I want, so that it makes scooping out mess quicker and easier, leaving their enclosures and my house smelling fresher for longer.

smaller Ebook - How to make cage cleaning quicker and easier in 3 steps