Pet Care Workshops

I know what it’s like to be stuck for ideas on how to stop your hamster biting the wire cage, or maybe he never comes out of his bed. 

I know what it’s like to have shy guinea pigs that don’t want to be stroked, and rabbits that show signs of aggression when being picked up. 

This can be frustrating and leave you feeling like your pet doesn’t like you, or worse, is unhappy.

Perhaps you purchased small pets for your children and are struggling to engage them, and would like them to spend less time with technology and more time building up their kind and compassionate traits that you know will help them in a variety of aspects of their life.

But it doesn’t have to be this way, you really can have a great relationship with your pet where they feel safe and comfortable around you. 

One-off sessions suitable for children aged 5+

New Pet

45 minute session on what your pet likes to eat, their natural behaviour and how to make DIY toys so that children can get involved and enjoy spending time with family pets safely. £45

Bonding and Taming 

45 minute session on how to bond with and tame your pet so you can both get more enjoyment from pet ownership and avoid unwanted behaviours like biting and difficulty handling. £45


Enrichment strategy sessions

We offer a range of services catered to individual needs, such as how to solve your hamster’s cage biting, to finding the best way to house your 3 guinea pigs indoors from being outdoors in a hutch.

Please book an assessment call through, and if you require a service we do not provide you will be refunded.

Assessment call

Email photos of your current setup to beforehand,  we will then have a 15 minute video call to discuss your problem, and come up with a quote for a follow up solution best suited to you and your pet.  £10


Over the years I’ve learnt countless techniques and strategies to overcome these problems and this has helped me to see how many different personalities my many hamsters have had, from feisty Ralph the Russian dwarf to super sweet Trev the female Syrian (thanks for the incorrect sexing Pets at Home lol, I know many of you have had the same experience). 

And I can honestly say my guinea pigs Onyx and Luna are like mini dogs to me.  When I come home from work they greet me with their wheeking, ready for their afternoon snacks and cuddles on the sofa in the evening where they lay completely relaxed, stretching and yawning.

As a qualified art teacher I have the experience and patience to engage all ages in enrichment activities that aren’t the typical free pet shop workshop.  

My workshops never involve transporting animals, you will never hear me recommend buying an animal, and I will ALWAYS make sure you and your pet’s wellbeing comes first.

Kids can learn to get creative and make DIY toys for your little critters as part of an at home session and learn to tame and handle their pet safely, and adults can learn about how best to house their pets and improve their bond with them.