Mobile Rabbit and Guinea Pig Grooming

What we offer

Do you struggle to cut your rabbit or guinea pig’s nails and worry about cutting the quick of the nail and hurting your pet?

Do you find it stressful and scary to trim your critter’s nails and bath your guinea pig?

When nails grow too long, it alters the way your pet walks, which in turn causes pain walking and joint problems. The quick (blood supply to the nail) grows as the nail grows, and so if left too long, the nails are more likely to bleed when cut. 

Rabbits and guinea pigs should have their nails trimmed approx. every 4-6 weeks in order to keep them at a good length. Hamsters may need their nails trimmed occasionally* 

I can help!

I provide nail trimming for rabbits and guinea pigs from the comfort of your own home, so your pet doesn’t need to go on the dreaded car journey.

trimming rabbit nails

*Do hamsters really need their nails trimmed?

It depends! I find that syrians don’t tend to, however russian dwarf, winter whites and roborovskis nails tend to grow long fast, and even with an excellent enclosure that allows them to wear down, you could find that your hamster not only feels uncomfortable but can scratch and hurt themselves.

I don’t believe in waking up a hamster to trim their nails if it’s not necessary, therefore I offer advice and support by phone to help you trim your hamster’s nails yourself confidently and safely, so that you can trim them at your own convenience.

So, does your piggie need a bath?

Unlike rabbits and hamsters – who groom themselves very well and should have soft, shiny coats – guinea pigs have coarser, greasier coats. This grease is produced by their grease gland near their bum. Some guinea pigs have a more active grease gland than others, and whilst some guinea pigs may be fine just to have a bath once a year, or even never, some (particularly long haired piggies) will need possibly every few months.

Prevent unwanted vet visits by keeping your guinea pigs skin and coats healthy, and nails trim.

Little Critter Care provides an at home service for your pets, so you can continue to go about your day and your pet doesn’t have to do the dreaded vet visit and be transported with unknown sights, sounds and smells.  Your little critters will be completely at home where they feel relaxed which is very important to me.


100% Natural and Cruelty Free

The products used are natural, cruelty free and specifically designed for guinea pigs. It is so important to me that guinea pigs are not harmed in the process of making these products unlike the big brand names commonly found in most pet stores. 



Keep those nails trim to prevent unnecessary vet visits! (we also provide this service for rabbits and hamsters)

£16, £5.50 per extra small animal
Shampoo and Blowdry

Shampoo and Blowdry

Give your guinea pig a much needed spruce up with a head to toe soothing shampoo and blow dry

£22, £11 per extra pig
Express Spa

Express Spa

Go the full hog and save on multiple visits with a nail trim, scent gland wash with organic coconut oil and soothing shampoo, blow dry

£29, £18 per extra piggie
Deluxe Spa Day

Deluxe Spa Day

Treat those spoilt piggies with a complete pampering and little extra love with a nail trim, massage with organic coconut oil, head to toe soothing shampoo and blow dry, cucumber and cuddles/chill time

£38, £27 per extra piggie