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I’ve put together 5 bonuses to help you further along your journey to the ultimate no mess, zero stress guinea pig owning experience.

Here’s what Keely has to say about the nail trimming video guide!

“After your brilliant demo I cut both piggies nails for the first time. It gave me the confidence to have a go and I’m not sure what I was scared of because it went really well.” – Keely

Safari Little Critter Lucy

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  • Bonus 1: The easy, budget friendly guide to your guinea pig cage setup; see how to lay out your guinea pig enclosure for ultimate popcorning piggie happiness. 

    Bonus 2: How to pick up your guinea pig easily and safely; this video guide to help you become a pro at picking up. 

    Bonus 3: ‘How to Potty Train Your Little Critter in 5 Days; No Mess, Less Stress’ eBook – this is an extension of one of the chapters in the book, including images demonstrating ideal potty-training layouts.  

    Bonus 4: A complete guide to trimming your guinea pigs’ nails at home – includes video demonstration methods not seen in the book. 

    Bonus 5: How to tame your guinea pig in 5 days; access to videos, Q&A, discussion to help you turn your timid piggie into a confident critter.

    …and more!

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