About Lucy

Do you worry about your pets safety and whether they will get enough interaction while you are away?

Do you worry about finding a professional pet sitter that will actually understand signs of illness in prey animals and what to look out for?

Will your little critter get the attention and mental stimulation they deserve on a daily basis?

What about an emergency? Will they know what to do if the hamster somehow escapes? If your rabbit shows signs of illness? If your guinea pig gets a piece of hay in their eye?

These are what I worry about when I go away too, and although boarding at a rescue can be great to have someone know what to do in an emergency, I don’t fancy my spoilt piggies being kept in a pet store cage while I’m away!  Because of this I provide a service that can take away all those worries, leaving your pets in total safety whilst having a great time in the comfort of their own home.

Little Critter Care, run by myself, Lucy Meadway, is the only company in the Deal, Kent area that specialises in rabbit, guinea pig and hamster care in your home.  Small furries aren’t seen as just an easy pet that needs to be fed, watered, cleaned and maybe a quick stroke for attention with me.

It is vital that whoever cares for your pets understand the very hidden signs of illness in prey animals, is completely confident at checking all signs of health and handling even the nippiest hamster in an emergency.  I’ve dealt with many emergencies with my own pets over the years, from catching escaped hamsters to swollen eyes from guinea pig hay pokes and rabbits’ sudden loss of appetite.  You can put all the correct measures in place but unfortunately things can go wrong, and they’re always dealt with best by someone who has been there themselves, who constantly keeps up to date with everything little critter and will go out of their way to make sure things are put right because they truly care for the tiniest of roborovski hamsters right up to the 10 year old family house rabbit.

And what about your pet’s mental health?  While you’re away having a great time it’s only fair your pets are too!  From treat finding games, to mini obstacle courses, I will provide more than just a cuddle (but cuddles too of course!) and make sure your small furries are having an awesome time while you’re away – in fact you may even want me to come over when you’re simply having a busy week and would love someone else to give them the attention they deserve!

After 5 years pet sitting and dog walking, and having kept rabbits, guinea pigs and hamsters myself, I have been unable to ignore the outdated information and advice that’s out there.  

I’ve gone from keeping a rabbit in a hutch in the mid 90’s to now having large indoor enclosures, constantly reading and keeping up to date with the latest BETTER THAN RSPCA advise.

I’ve even written a book all about guinea pig care that can be bought on Amazon and Kindle!

I currently have 2 guinea pigs, Luna and Onyx, and Syrian hamster, Cookie who have a room to themselves.  Luna and Onyx are Pets at Home adoptions, up for sale too long in the shop and in need of a forever home, and now have a fleece lined custom made enclosure with cosy fleece tunnels to relax; their favourite part of the day is vegetable time!  Hamster Cookie is the runt of a rescue litter that came from a pregnant female (likely from a pet shop incorrect sexing) who first struggled with thin dry fur but now has a shiny coat which she enjoys cleaning in her sand pit in her large DIY enclosure. 

Over the years I’ve learnt and tried many different ways to house, handle, groom and enrich the lives of my pets, and even when I think I’ve cracked it there is always more to learn – I can’t say my services are every going to stay the same! They will always be adapting and changing to the new ways we can add value to the lives of the smallest and often undervalued pets.